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Baltic Sea There are few places on earth where you can surround yourself so completely in history and mythical folklore. In Northern Europe you’ll follow the wake of the Vikings through deep glistening waters framed by dramatic cliffs and rolling green hills.

Ostsee, Darß Ostsee, Darß
Ostsee, Kreidefels Ostsee, Kreidefels
Ostsee, Seemöve Ostsee, Seemöve
Norwegen, Lofoten Norwegen, Lofoten
Norwegen, Segelyacht I Norwegen, Segelyacht I
Norwegen, Blick vom Segelboot Norwegen, Blick vom Segelboot
Norwegen, Häuser am Mee Norwegen, Häuser am Mee
Schweden, wohnen am Meer Schweden, wohnen am Meer
Stockholm-Archipel Stockholm-Archipel
Schweden, Meer Schweden, Meer
Schweden, Nachtlichter Schweden, Nachtlichter
Schweden, Sonnenuntergang Schweden, Sonnenuntergang


Norwegen bietet die eindrucksvollste Szenerie Nordeuropas. Vor etwa 10.000 Jahre wurde Norwegen besiedelt. Nordeuropa bietet steile und schneebedeckte Berge, wunderschöne Fjord-Landschaften, tosende Wasserfälle und Flüsse die sicher jeden Besucher in Erstaunen versetzen. Die Fjorde bildeten sich vor etwa einer Million Jahren während der Eiszeit.


Some inside information about this beautiful country up in the north. Sweden is famous, especially among the Swedes themselves, for its natural beauty. Many people in Sweden love their natural scenery with an almost religious intensity. With fewer than nine million people, Sweden is a small nation in terms of population – smaller than Belgium and only half as big as the Netherlands. Perhaps this is why foreigners are often surprised when they realize the geographic size of our country. Physically, Sweden is one of the largest countries in Western Europe – larger than California and nearly the same size as Spain or France.

Stockholm Archipelago

With over 24.000 islands of which only 150 are inhabited year around, the Stockholm Archipelago is a unique natural experience. Stockholm’s archipelago is one of the world´s most spectacular. It starts right in the middle of the captial and stretches eastwards about 60 km into the Baltic Sea. “Arholma” is the most northern island and about 170 km south it ends with the lighthouse “Landsort” on the island of “Öja”. Stockholm city is situated on 14 islands, surrounded by Lake Mälaren to the west and the achipelago to the east. This busy capital is a wonderful mixture of hustle & bustle, water, parks, old and new architecture.


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