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Choosing your yacht is one of the most important decisions you will make. This is what they say about your house and your car – but your boat is a combination of both! It provides your accommodation, transport, as well as your entertainment. It must provide all your requirements, in terms of personal space, comfort, equipment, and be suitable for your uses, and the areas you want to travel to.

The boat must fit your plans – it’s no good getting a day hopper if you want to cruise the isolated atolls of the Pacific Ocean! Then there are other people to consider – your partner, children, friends, or maybe even business partners, clients or customers. Do you want them on board? What will they want? Do you want to be able to escape from them while staying on board? What type of cruising do you want to do – stay in isolated bays, at anchor, explore the ends of the earth or run from port to port each night? Do you want to relax in the sun, scuba dive, windsurf, or play with jet skis or water ski? Finally, how much money do you want to spend?

BCR Logemann Yachts have had wide experience in yachting, including skippering all types of boats, and travelling in most cruising areas. They are also in touch with the current skippers and keep up with the news of boats and places regularly. So they can help you choose the right boat for your particular needs.

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Our luxury Sailing Yachts offers for sale

Sailing Yacht Katha Bani VA

Sailing Yacht Katha Bani VA

Yacht: Katha Bani
Type: Mystic 57
Build: 2003
Length: 17,91 m / 58,76 ft
Price: on request

Sailing Yacht Pixelion VA

Sailing Yacht Pixelion VA

Yacht: Pixelion
Type: Baltic 64
Build: 1997 / 2011
Length: 19,50 m / 63,98 ft
Price: on request

Sailing Yacht Margaux VA

Sailing Yacht Margaux VA

Yacht: Margaux (ex Nittan II)
Type: SWAN 65
Build: 1974
Length: 20 m / 65,7 ft
Price: EUR 300.000

Sailing Yacht Montrachet VA

Sailing Yacht Montrachet VA

Yacht: Montrachet
Type: Swan 48
Build: 2003
Length: 14,83 m / 48,65 ft
Price: EUR 359.000 (incl. VAT)

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BCR Logemann Yachts uses standard, industry approved contracts such as MYBA or standard shipping contracts, which can be in the language of your choice.

We can talk you through the legal side of buying or selling a yacht, advising you in plain language at all stages. Because of this, you don’t need your own legal adviser as well, though we are happy to work with lawyers.

BCR Logemann Yachts is a full member of MYBA, The Worldwide Yachting Association.


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